Wednesday, 24 October 2012

CountNGrams - Using Apache Hadoop to Count N-Grams

I just put another tool on GitHub.

The tool, called CountNGramsuses Apache Hadoop to count the number of occurrences of n-grams in a given set of text files. In case you aren't familiar, an n-gram is a list of n words, which are adjacent to each other in a text file. For example, if the text file contained the text "one two three", there would be three 1-grams ("one", "two", "three"), two 2-grams ("one_two", "two_three"), and one 3-gram ("one_two_three"). Knowing which n-grams are in a set of files, such as all the bug reports of Eclipse, and their frequency over time, can shed light onto the major development trends in the project. 
I used the Apache Hadoop framework in order to easily support the analysis of big data: millions of files and hundreds of gigabytes or more. Hadoop takes care of distributing the workload across all available machines in your cluster, making the analysis fastfastfast and the implementation easyeasyeasy. Hadoop is truly awesome; learn all about it elsewhere.

I haven't published any papers that use CountNGrams, but one is in the works.
Check out the project for more details and to make your own changes. 


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